16 October 2014

Narita, Tokyo, Japan


We had a layover of five hours. Of course it's Japan! Whenever connecting to another flight, it's gotta be Japan.

It's my baby sister's first time in Japan. Awe.
We only had a few hours until our connection flight so we had the option of exploring Narita-san which was just two stops away with the train from the airport.
Ops. Careful with your hands.

Had to carry all of our bags since we were broke to store our luggage in the lockers at the airport or the train station.

On our way to the Narita Temple.

turtle rock.
Oh my goodness. Look who's excited to eat.
Konichiwa bowl-san.
That's what I call, sit-in restaurant.

THE exciting and extra supreme unagi.
Feast your eyes on those juicy fishies.
On repeat.
And now, we're back on the road to the airport.

I think these animals represents the year of the animals. Each animal is on the side of the road of both sides.
I have no idea what this was but I am noting this to try for next week.

Baby sister decided to buy green tea ice cream.


And so, she started to share her ice cream.

Rain or shine. It's ice cream for baby sister and friends.

She ran out of ice cream but that won't stop her. Baby sister bought takoyaki which is octopus balls. Goodness gracious.
And the sharing continued.

It's getting dark outside. Time to go.

That man on the billboard is an example of my dream man. All for sushi.
Am I reading this correctly? Vitamin C Air Conditioning in commercial vehicles? That is just an amazing future. Which also looks like we are getting more spoiled and lazy. Hah.
Say goodbye to Japan for now, baby sister.
But before you go, remind me what brand this is at the Duty Free because this is utter cuteness that I must obtain. Waah.