23 October 2014

Ooh La La

Finally, a trip to Europe! It was literally just for twenty four hours because we're broke but still!! Eurotrip!! Non-rev style.


We arrived in the morning and jumped right ahead to seeing Paris. The weather was just perfect. Cloudy, but just the right amount of chilly.
View from our hotel, Marriott at the La Defense, Colombe.
Are you ready for us?
We walked around to search for the right train to reach Paris.

But we got lost so... Taxi it is then!

Ice Cream at the Eiffel Tower.

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

From Eiffel Tower and now to the Louve.

Thank you Scam-man for selling us a sketchy umbrella.

Back to the bike.

Crepe Break of many.

Feeding the birds at Notre Dame.
Behold! The Notre Dame!
Incredible details.


I'm really confused because this is either the Hotel de Ville or the City Hall.

But they were protesting about something.
Whatever it is, the French speaking sounds like we need to eat because we have only had one Nutella Crepe for the three of us.

You cannot just walk away without looking at this beautiful building.

Ok. Made it to a cafe: El Quasimodo.
That cappuccino though.
The fromage.
There was barely any meat in this city. Had a variety of French Bread. No wonder people here are healthy. The spaghetti was ok. But looking at this again, how can you not love spaghetti no matter what.
Mint Lemonade.
Second crepe of the day.
Nutella and Bananas.

These Frenchies though.
Almost time to say goodbye to Paris.


Paris, I miss you already.