I'm so excited to start-up selling personalized luggage tags again. Images of examples coming soon! Contact me at for orders/questions/concerns

Thank youuuu

Art Therapy at Portsmouth, Virginia

This was my first time with this method. I was supplied with a blank white poster paper, Indian Black Ink, a small cup, a medium length string, and an old pencil. The ink was inside the cup, and the string is tied to the middle part of the pencil. I dip the string in the cup of ink while it is tied to the pencil. Picked it up, and dragged it around the paper. Voila! To my surprise, this happened. It's fascinating because no matter how I rotate this paper, I saw something different. On this angle, I saw waves. Maybe you see something different.

Same art piece, but added some water colors. Another different scene with the same angle. The perspectives are endless. It is such a metaphor for life. Hah. Okay. Don't laugh at me too hard for saying that.

Had another blank piece of paper, and came up with this. This was just so simple yet clean/fresh. I loved every perspective of this more than the first one I did.

AND OF COURSE, the person next to me picked up my work and the ink was not dry at all so it dripped and distorted it a bit. But it still looks great. I just have trust issues. It really hit me hard when that girl picked it up from the table. I think I was more frustrated at the fact that she did not have a valid reason why she picked it up in the first place. Life, man. But, still beautiful.

There were crayons on the table too. Why not, Godzilla taking a nap during the fall season. Godzilla likes nap breaks at work too.


"Christmas 2015: All I want for Christmas is You"
It may not seem much to the public, but to me and my family, this illustration has a lot of life to each family member that I drew. I also created this about a month from Christmas. I truly believed that I was not going to be able to go home for the holidays from the military. But to my surprise, I was able to surprise my parents at the "misa de gallo," midnight mass on Christmas eve as my vacation was approved two days before Christmas Day.

My mom would usually be in the kitchen cooking and talking on the phone with our extended family in the Philippines. My dad usually has his spot nearest to the dinning table on his laptop. My sister-in-law, sitting on the couch, would be chasing my little nephew holding his security blanket, Mono, to feed him with the right foods. My brother, sitting next to his wife and my nephew would always wear a certain shirt and will always be updated on trend alerts holding his phone at all times. My older sister, a new mommy, would give her baby boy tummy time as my baby nephew excel in this activity. Her hubby laying next to them hold a character plush, a favorite Mavericks Basketball Player to him, as he influences his son who he should root for. My little sister, always eating something and takes countless selfies as my dog, half shepherd/husky mix baby girl attempts to eat our food all the time. And of course, there i am, At the right hand corner of the drawing, just content to be comfortable back home.


"Little Caesar's Pizza"
Dedicated to my little sister who requested this illustration. She said she wanted Godzilla eating pizza chillin on the golden gate bridge and the apes of the Planet of the Apes with him. Aaaaand this is what I got. Haven't done colored pencils in ages but here it is! So excited to frame this and everything. Def thinking of doing more San Francisco themed illustrations.


Another koi fish tat design. An even better one:

Made it in a .gif. I should do this more often. Take a bunch of progress pictures.
*British accent* Looks even more fascinating!


"Keep your eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground." -Theodore Roosevelt

I'm bored out of my mind. Can't say what I am doing now but I have a lot of time so I was looking through motivational quotes and came across this one. I also had limited items with me so all I had was a pencil, a pen,  and of course, my Instragram, so I was able to choose color edits. Not much detail on this one but for some reason, it really stuck to me. I love this quote. My new fave. I just HAD to illustrate what I saw when I read these words.




Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Martinez! Gamer couple wedding. Party on!



FIRST DRAFT: Client wanted an airline style save the date so I made a similar boarding pass design from a specific airline she works for.
SECOND DRAFT: Did not look like a save the date for a wedding at all so I had to make the SAVE THE DATE more prominent,
THIRD DRAFT: Exchanged the name and place / date placement as well as font and size.
FOURTH and LAST DRAFT: Ouila! Loving it!

based on a Philippine Passport, I hope I'm doing this right. Just gotta place the last names on the banner and then it should be right.

Tat tat

She wanted a super girly koi fish design, with the colors similar to that Lisa Frank stuffs back in the 90's which explains the gils as hearts. Does anyone remember Lisa Frank? So mi client has a zodiac sign of pisces and she wanted her Chinese name on it, so voila!


Sketchbook Illustrations

Where There Is Love There Is Life 

Monster Bedtime Stories


Christmas Card Designs

This was my first work on creating my family's Christmas Card back in 2011.  We traveled to Washington D.C. and went crazy for this photo booth app from my iPhone at the time. Every Kodak moment, we busted open that app and took those wacky pictures. You never know when you'll have another moment such as these. Once I started creating this one, this has become a tradition every year from now on.

Yep. Became more into it in 2012. Got real silly with the fam. There were a lot more pictures from the shoot but these were the best ones. This one is so far my favorite because we were all actually separated. Some of us were out of the country so I had the challenge to make it seem like we are physically together for the holidays.

Made it even cuter for 2013 with the new addition to the fam.

Analysis of Form.. This was my first assignment from class to figure out the values and texture with charcoal. So simple! But yeah, I still need to improve on my fine arts.


These ones are from my perspective classes... These classes were one of the most challenging but the funnest and more creative classes for illustrations. 


So I was looking through my art stuff in my room and I found some of my high school projects back from 2008. These four pieces were from my AP Art Final which is a compilation of twelve pieces pertaining to a certain theme. I chose Philippines!

Title: Tarsier at Night
Medium: Stippling
I fell in love with stippling when it was introduced with me. It's all just dots from a Sharpie Marker. No lines. Just dots!

Title: Sampaguita
Medium: Scratchboard

Title: Jeepney
Medium: Acrylic

                                                                       Title: Tricycle
                                                                     Medium: Acrylic

Title: Spitfire
Medium: Stippling
I had another compilation of pieces from high school. It was all WWII stuff. I can never get tired of WWII history video games and stories. This is one of my works.

Hope I find the other pieces. These pieces bring back memories.. Memories that don't need to be shown in pictures because OMG What was I thinking when I wore certain clothes lol.