09 January 2016

A New York Mourning

This was back in August 2012. I was very new working for the company with my friend here. We had a falling out so we never talk to each other anymore. But I will never forget that one time we took a red-eye flight from San Francisco - New Joyzi, to arrive around 0800 and left at 1436, due to the heatwave in the east coast. On the night before the flight, we were just kidding on going on a day trip to New York just because it was both our day off the next day. Next thing you know, we actually got on the flight, slept through economy class and woke up in the east coast. The moment we stepped outside of the EWR Airport, we initiated whining and took the train to Times Square. We ate breakfast there and as hours go by, the heatwave worsened and we whined even more. After breakfast, we attempted to walk around Times Square but we just could not handle ourselves. So we decided to go home because Premium Service, First Class was open for employee standbys anyways on that flight. P.S. First Class is a cabin class on a domestic flight but with an international flight kind of comfort with lie-flat beds and an upgraded food service. The comfort level is absolutely higher than the ordinary Domestic First Class. We were also whining like babies to each other and were arguing like an old couple on what to do at the time, so we concluded to go back home.

And of course, my friend had a higher chance to get first class first, only because I was one number off from my last social security numbers to determine company seniority since we had the same seniority day. Ugh lol.

If anyone has not seen this for a while. Shit's real. Don't try and sabotage the flight and disrupt the cockpit.
My friend, I hope you are doing well. Take care and don't forget to do the right thing always.

Also, to my hair. I miss you. I miss coloring you and having beautiful layers. We will do this again soon. Sigh.