11 February 2014

The land of Nike and No Sales Tax

We have arrived in Portland, Oregon. The beautiful land of the origins of Nike and the even more beautiful consumer shopping with no sales taxes added. My main goal of this day trip was to buy my first Samsung Galaxy S4 switching from iPhone 4S to an Android. But of course I got distracted buying more clothing and silly stuff.

PDX Airport. World Clocks.

PDX Airport

Smarty pants. Love it.

Mother's Bistro

Drinking more coffee at Mother's Bistro

Downtown Portland

Waiting for the right train.

Can't forget about Sundays.

I love weird silly stuff so I took pictures of goodies I wish I could have from this store.

Jaws Socks. How I only wish.

Or Hamburger Socks

And of course, Sushi Socks. Waah. I want.

This is totally for me.

This ones from Nordstrom. Like, For wheel!

I'm getting nerdy I know. But I love it.

I need these books in my future apartment, Such necessities. 

Like Seriously?

Yes. I want.

So this is when it got weirder.

No biggie. Taking selfies.

Oh haaay.

Ey, What chu lookin at?
 Ok. Ok. That's enough on the strange. After hitting up the malls, It's time to take a walk for nom noms. 

Cute advertising on Cover Oregon. 

I don't think the cat likes this.

And of course we arrive at the food stands that are closed. I suppose they are not open on Sundays. Waah.

Waah. We want.

I mean, jeez. Look at their menu. Waah.
But that's okay. We were able to still eat some yumminess.

If you look closely, the artworks are made purely out of post-its. Cool cool.

Walking back to the train station to head back to the airport.

I like Portland. I wish that I had more time than just half a day here. I still have not tried VooDoo Donuts. I keep hearing about it but at least I finally get to do the switch for my phone. No more whining about Apple.
Team Android from here on out. However, I shall come back for more of Portland! I shall see you sometime again.