13 January 2016

Girls Day Out: Honolulu Edition

A few years back when I was very single, seemed like the happiest time of my one and only mother. The flight from SFO-HNL was wide open on the very first flight of the day, as well as the return flight HNL-SFO. It just felt like fate to just take a chance and go on an all-girls day trip together since we haven't traveled together for quite some time. We gambled our chances on space available seats on the flights. And we made it!

Just arrived in HNL, we were already ready to lay on towels under the sun right outside the airport, as you can see the baggage claim sign, while waiting for transportation to Waikiki.

Photobooth Fun.

Proof that my mom is happiest during our single times.
Even the random beach-goers has felt my mom's emotion of pure happiness. All three of her daughter, single.

FOOD. And yes, I know my nail polish was atrocious. Ignore my nails of 2012.
When I come back from serving my country, we will definitely do this again. To where? Hm. ^  ^