Japantown, San Francisco
August 2015

The cutest and most delicious crepes I've ever had.
And I can't go to Japantown without some pika-pika. Haven't gone in these photobooths for years. We talked to the cashier and it seems like they do not have the funny wacky ones anymore. The theme nowadays is self-centeredness, kim kardashian theme ish photobooths. No more weird, funny, WTF photobooths. Generation today is what is wacky. WTF but oh well. Gotta go with the tide.

Mango ice cream, condensed milk, nutella, bananas, whipped cream, cream cheese. Why omg.

 I feel bad. I don't remember the restaurant for this one. But I just remember how fresh and delicioso the food was. Sushi is always my weakness. But I can tell quality from my experiences. So this one is to come back for!



JUNE 2015

Hi! It's Japanese food again. I am a sushi whore. The best quality kind of sushi whore... Anyways moving on from that bad joke, I currently live in Pensacola for the time being and as a sushi whore, I'm always drooling for that fishy soy sauce taste. There is not much to see in Pensacola except that it is the home of the Navy's Blue Angels!.. and the Thunderbirds.. But, hooyah Blue Angels!!

So the only place everyone goes to is the beach and the mall. And at the Cordova Mall, lies Nippon Sushi. I was super hesitant to eat there just because it's "mall sushi." Japanese Restaurants are usually no bueno at the malls from experience but goddamn, we were all wrong.

OMG. I don't usually drink tapioca drinks but these drinks here are unforgettable.



Feast your eyes on Kai Restaurant at Greenbelt 2, Makati City in the Metro Manila. We had way more food than this but was way too hungry and ate them before I had the chance to take a photo. But here are what I was able to pause and stare at. Goodness gracious.

Deep Fried Mussels

Chirashi Bowl

Forgot what they were called but they're basically bananas and ice cream goodness.

JULY 2014

I love me some Super Duper Burgers at the Metreon. I mean, just look at those juicy buns.

Veggie burger for my friend.
And everything on it for me on my burger with the can't-forget garlic fries to go with it.

And of course, the desert at the Ferry Building, Embarcadero.

Check out those funky flavors.
It was morning at the time so we got ourselves some secret breakfast for the not so sober breakfast celebration we were having that day. Can't go wrong with ice cream!


Bi-rite Homemade Ice Cream like, "WTF this is real good. Lemme go back at the end of the line and eat some more of this deliciousness." This heaven is located by the Dolores Park in San Francisco. You just gotta check this place out.

See that girl in the window? Same.
This actually wraps around the block too. But it's hella worth it!

Didn't think chocolate coconut and ginger ice cream would taste so good.

Click here to check out their official website for more awesomeness.


APRIL 2012

Real tacos. O M G. With glass bottled Coca Colas. Good times.

Yes. Look at us being fatties.


NOV 2013

Let me just go straight to the point. Gumbo and Jambalaya. Tried some alligator meat. But oh my goodness! Gumbo and Jambalaya.

We had the late night munchies at Daisy Duke's at the French Quarter. Even for a diner, I am just ergtrhtyjuektdjyg (so good).

'gator dog (alligator meat)
The next day was a little bit more expensive. 

Le Bayou Restaurant
Shrimp Ya-Ya, Cajun Pesto Sauce
BBQ Shrimp, New Orleans Style BBQ Sauce
Bayou Baked, topped with creamy spinach, artichoke, apple wood smoked bacon and Parmesan cheese


OCT 2013

Whenever I travel, I don't stay for a week. I really just stay for a day or two. Yeah, I'm kind of an international bum not staying at the expensive hotel rooms and resorts and all. Because, come on. You won't really be in that room a lot on your vacation. You'd be out and about. And I guess I have the flight benefits.. but I don't exactly have all that money to spend lol. However, that does not stop me from eating the most delicious food I can never have at home. Yum!

The first night everyone was drinking at the bars... All I really wanted was ice cream.
Blue Bell Ice Cream

Oh man. I was too hungry to take pictures of all the food. But the food here was amazing. Even just the complimentary chips and salsa were so delicious that we took some home to San Francisco. 

The best drinks were the Tuna Margarita and their house margarita as happiness portrayed below.
 Had these spicy big prawns. The sauce was amazing. Gotta love that creamy goodness that is probably just a lot of butter. Mmmm.
Los Camarones del Diabla 

The night before we left we kept seeing Whataburger. I guess it's like their In-N-Out version?

Breakfast before flight back home. You can purchase a lounge day pass at the United Club for $50. For breakfast, The United Club had bagels, fruits. yogurts, oatmeals and all but I don't know why but I haven't had cereal in forever. I was so hungry I ate bowls of it. Took some Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate too. Yummy!


OCT 2013

This restaurant is really hidden that has no English titles or anything. Eat this amazing food early in the morning, so fresh! When I mean fresh, I mean they literally just caught the fish and served it to us. Can never get sushi this fresh like Japan.

 While waiting for the best fresh sushi in Central Market, I also noticed the big pile of ginger and the big bowl of soy sauce with a paintbrush. Genius! Why don't we have those brushes used for sushi sauces?

All this time, I have been fooled with the miso soup in California.. This is the real deal miso soup. Er mah gawd.. It's so much more than you think. It has clams and stuff I don't even know that is in this real miso soup.

I am drooling.

Still drooling...


Pinoy Food Revolution
AUG 2013

Living in the US, this can be suspiciously racist but in the Philippines, KKK actually stands for Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng̃ mg̃รก Anak ng̃ Bayan. We even had a flag for this during the revolutionary war to win independence from the Spanish. But enough on the history. Let me show you super good Filipino Food you can find in Manila, Philippines. 


I don't really drink this but everyone else does. It's got jellies in it.

Yellow Mango Shake.

I usually order the Ubas Shake which has grapes in it.. I think.. All I remember the first time I had KKK, was that drink but unfortunately it was sold out during this visit. :,(

Pandan Iced Tea.

A different kind of iced tea on the healthy side.

Adobo ni Jake.

Whoever Jake is, he is a good man. 

Garlic Squid.

Seafood yuminess.


Here, piggy, piggy, piggy.

Banana Fritters.

Turon! Fried bananas with ice cream tower. So yummy!

Queso Ice Cream.

Cheese ice cream. See the cheese chunks?

Chocnut Coffee Jelly Ice Cream.

There's a lot going on here.

Their locations are only in SM Malls in the Metro Manila. When you're in the area, you gotta try these out.

SM Mall of Asia - Entertainment Wing, Ground Floor

SM North Edsa Annex - Ground Floor

SM Fairview - Annex 1, Ground Floor

SM Cubao - Ground Floor

SM Megamall - Mega B, Lower Ground Floor