03 December 2013

Travel Tuesday: New Orleans, Louisiana!

Only had one day to visit New Orleans, but I think we covered a lot in the French Quarter. We arrived on a Wednesday night so it had empty streets that looked like a ghost town which made sense. It was low peak season but we still had fun. We had a lot of drinks on the flight going there so either way we were hella going to have a blast no matter what!

They were not able to fulfill our special request :(

It had a Las Vegas feel to the French Quarters when we walked around the streets with a lot of drinking and dancing. There weren't a lot of people on the streets for a Wednesday night but meh, just take care and be safe!!

Bourbon Street

This girl couldn't even wait to take a picture lol
I believe the most memorable thing about New Orleans is definitely the food. Even just for the late night munchies, the Gumbo and Jambalaya were so delicious! And I even got to try some alligator meat.

The next day which was three hours of sleep later to check-out of the hotel, we were finally able to see New Orleans. Like, literally. Like, seriously.

 New Orleans was more of the architecture and the food and best of all, the partying that makes this city unique. I still wanted to see the voodoos and the swamps with all the alligators. But whenever I asked employees from the bars and restaurants, they don't want to point me in the direction of voodoos OOoooOOhhhhh made me want to look for them even more. 'Till next time!