25 February 2014

Laws of Attraction

What do you really want?

I've honestly been feeling down lately with all my negative actions that keep repeating. I want to change that. I've changed a lot positively as well but I really want to rid of such negative thoughts that make me doubt my successful progression. And I don't want to just keep saying that either. Who in the world wants that in their lives?

I found this video through my best friend that I believe that I anchored down with me in this feeling of hopelessness. He let me know that with any emotion I am feeling, it is contagious. Whenever I'm happy or motivated, people get drawn in that and share that emotion with others too. I gotta get back in that vibe. You guys gotta watch this video.

This is 'Laws of Attraction.' It is an explanation of how to contain your positive thoughts and attitude and throwing away your negativity and your death of depression.

I'm going to keep watching this everyday like a pep talk to lift myself from all of my negative emotions. I want to move forward successfully. And I am going to prove it with action.