30 November 2013

Consistency is Key


I haven't been blogging waah. I think from now on, I need a consistency with blogging which makes me think even more that I need to consistently complete my general chores and errands to finish them efficiently. Wow, that last sentence is ambitious. But lemme try it. I hope to look back on this post one day and see my improvements on moving forward with plenty of my personal goals.

SO. I will be posting Travel Thursdays on Thursdays (har har). I still have a lot of destinations that I want to post. I have New Orleans, Miami, Mexico City.. etc etc etceteraaa. This scheduled blogging makes me feel like I have a robot assistant. Yay for the future. Er.. The present!

I have also wanted to sell personalized luggage tags with a cartoon of the customer face to face first and then grow the baby business hopefully to the internet. I need to be more confident. Blah. I'll start creating ones for Christmas Gifts hehe. It'll save me money anyways . Come to think about it.. It'll be so funny if i create some luggage tags that have celebrity names.. Like, pretending the bag belongs to a Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence. Hey hey your bags will definitely stand out. I'm going to try that out myself next time I travel hah. Less do this, Robot Assistant!!