27 July 2014

Singapore! How I miss you!

I tell ya! This was the best travel buddies I've ever had so far. Difficult to beat the fun we had even when we did not get our drink on. This group was a blast! Our route was from San Francisco - Hong Kong - and finally, Singapore. 90% of the photos here are from Lawrence Watuma and all the selfie credits go to Mattias Bravo.
MJ (follow her on instagram: mszfashionkilla) and I enjoying BusinessFirst Class on our way to Singapore. Hah.

BusinessFirst Meal from HKG-SIN: Chicken Rice. Yum! You can never go wrong anything with rice.

We have arrived at the Singapore Airport!... And the first thing we did was get lost in its incredible spacious interior.

Very green, Singapore.

On our way to our hotel!
Took a Mercedes Benz van taxi from the airport to the hotel. Felt like a limo. My wallet was already starting to feel empty!
Yep. Credit card maxed out by now probably.
Yes. The first thing we always check is the bathroom. Perfect.
Bath tub overlooking the ferris wheel outside. Sigh.
Someone was very happy about this robe.
We obtained the Premier Suite. Lovely.
Suite life.
With an amazing view.
Singapore was preparing for their 49th birthday celebration. They practice day and night. They party with discipline.
We woke up to this typhoon outside.

Day and night. Rain or shine. They're still practicing for their performances.
I forgot how Asian Storms are. They only last for about 20 minutes and the weather clears out. And yet, still beautiful.
Let's go?
I would like to thank Absolut for not breaking in my checked-in luggage. Appreciate much.

Took a taxi for about 10SGD. And here we are at Maxwell by the China Town. Yes. There is China Town also in Singapore. Where in the world can you not have a China Town?

Someone's hungry.
These fruit drinks are just so delicious
Dragonfruit and Mango Shake. Yes. Drool.
Decisions, decisions.

This is the famous Chicken Rice as Anthony Bourdain showed on his show.

No joke. Long line. LOOKS bland. but tastes DELICIOUS. I just kept eating everything up here. Can't pass up what you cannot eat back home.

Don't remember what this one was called but oh man did I clean this plate up.
Watuma's meal. I was drooling the whole time at Maxwell.

Across the street from Maxwell.
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Lawrence Watuma. I think he found his friend, DT.

Around China Town

We have purchased a selfie stick: The monopod.


Win a FREE ride in a police car just by shoplifiting from this store. Their discipline also has humor. Gotta love Singapore!

Inside the China Town Shopping Complex.

Spot the difference.
Why so mad.
Waiting for a taxi to take us to the Marina Bay Sands! Yehey.
And here it is: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Famous for their infinity pool on the top floor of the building.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby


Adorable backpack from MCM.
She really wanted it.
She can't get enough of it. MJ Tantrums. We should copyright that.
Don't hate. Lookie the woman to the right.
Upstairs at the pool! Lookie the view.
View from the pool area.
View from outside the pool area.

Selfie stick that shit.
Aaron Selfies.
Believe it or not, this structure is a waterfall.

Walking to the Ferris Wheel.

Ferris Wheel from below.

We're just going to eat at Popeye's...


Gelatissimo. This area... I shall never forget.

Even if I wanted to.

Back to the hotel.

hahah. I miss these girls. This is how we get ready for a swim apparently with the bottle of Absolut!

Last night in Singapore! To the Satay by the bay we go! We thought it was a fancy restaurant so we all got dressed up...


Check out how small the tables and chairs are to the people eating on them.


Had these. Tastes yummy as usual.

Walking around everywhere looking for a taxi.
And just like that it's time to get on a plane again. On to Hong Kong!
This picture is dedicated to that someone that left his phone in the taxi. May you have learned your lesson. Hah. Still love you guys!