04 August 2014

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

After a day in Singapore, we went straight to Hong Kong.

What an ironic picture. There's Aaron's phone that was left behind in our taxi before leaving Singapore. Hah!

Arrived in Hong Kong. Searching for a place to stay for one day.

United Airlines is at Aisle G for check-in. Remember it!

Starving for breakfast. Ate at Tsui Wah Restaurant. Plenty of airline staff ate here. Follow the crowd, and you'll find out what the wait is for.

Adorable Art.

Let's eat!

Wonton Soup?

Wonton Soup?

Fish Cake Soup.

Fish cake, Fish balls, Flat rice noodles fish soup.

Milk Tea with Ceylon Tea Leaves. So yummy!

I ate a lot! More Fish Soup for breakfast.

Don't remember what this was but it was goooood.

Amazing mystery.

Ok. Time to leave the Hong Kong Airport and explore.

Let's go!

Nope. Sorry Disneyland Hongkong. Next time!

Buildings and buildings.

If you drink, don't drive.

Buildings and buildings

Hah. Airbus.

Buildings and buildings.

The tallest building there is the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. Wow.

Buildings and buildings.

Buildings and buildings.

Velvet Bentley for Zeuz.

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel.

They're not called Starbursts.

Going up.
The hotel welcomed us. Aw.

Ok. Here we go again.

Cute bedroom.

Walking around.

To Times Square, Hong Kong.

Yup. That's Batman.

Shop more.

Plenty of Batman artworks.

Just in case you forgot about the Olympics.

This is the reason why our taxi driver almost bumped our other taxi together. The driver smiled at the camera!!

Meca Man? Not Mega Man?

If you always have tired look, You might lose: Success, friend, reputation, Love. PREVENT YOUR PANDA LOOK!

Dachschund with waffles?
Time to cross the bay with the Star Ferry.

It was very warm and humid.

Harbour City!

And just like that our night in Hong Kong was coming to and end.

On our way again to the airport to head back home.


Can't get enough of this selfie stick

Where do we go next??? Had tons of fun. I didn't even know who was going in the first place but we made the best of the best of time as there is not much time to enjoy life as it is. Till next time!

Photos of Lawrence Watuma and mine as well as the courtesy of the selfie stick.