01 January 2014

Super Flashback Travel: Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. 
December 2012

 At this time we were originally going to Mexico City but as a family of seven standby passengers, we pretty much just looked at the departures board instead and boarded a more open spaced flight. As newly sworn US citizens, here we were! Washington D.C. AMERIKUHHH!


Super long and deep escalator from the train station... Giggity.

My brother has dibs on some pictures here too. Awesome photography. This shot was amazing.

Photo booth with Julia Child!

The First Lady's dress from the Inaugural Ball. Wow!

More walking!

Smithsonian Museum of Aeronautics. My fave! I love the airline exhibits.

The plan back then for space shuttles. Fancy.

Not sure why my sister is making a face. But amazing airline stuff!!

Gotta love the WWII exhibits too. Dont drive alone!!

If you guys remember 2011, this is Occupy Washington D.C. A lot of cops in this area.

They've been there for days and started building something. Oh boy. They have balls.

I confirmed with the Social Service about Mr. President... I went up to one of them walking around outside and asked him if Mr. President was having dinner at home that night. Dammit. Obama wasn't home.

Photo booth with the White House.

Yum! Obama and past presidents ate here before.

Gotta love it!

Looking back when this was all from the year 2011, a lot has changed. Some bad experiences but a lot more good changes. It's good to look back only to see how you've improved over the years. Don't look back and wish for things from the past. Gotta deal with it and move on. It's all about keeping your positivity on and good karma will come to you!

I look at this flashback trip with the fam as a reminder that we need to do this again. Totally blessed with an amazing family and I need to make sure I don't make them feel for granted. Either good or bad, families will always look for one another. And no matter what they say, they are always thinking of you.