22 December 2013

More Time With My Lappytoppy. Yehey!

So happy that I get to spend more time with my lappytoppy!! I miss this baby so much. I'm getting more work done now that I committed myself on not doing double shifts for my airline job. It's real nice getting back to having projects again. Gonna keep this going <3

Merry Christmas!! From our family to yours!!

When we took this photo for our Christmas Card, it was originally so bland. SO... I definitely made it more Christmassy hehe. Can't wait for next year's card.

These are the cutest kids, so proper, respectful, and well brought up. Only knowing limited history, I still admire their mom because jeez she must have been through a lot of stress and hardships. It's really too bad at this point I probably won't be seeing them a lot anymore but I hope for the best for their family. I asked them what they want for Christmas and it was just all Super Mario. Minions. Super Mario. Minions. Super Mario. Minions. Hope all is well for them. This wasn't much but somethings are better than nothing.

So excited for this project. Going to print these out with my relatives' names on them and attach my blog's website for marketing. I've had this idea for so long to create and sell personalized luggage tags with a cartoon of themselves and I'm finally starting it with Christmas before the year ends! Hope everything works out not with just my projects but for everyone this Christmas. I know how families can be strangling each other and sorrows happening out of nowhere but don't forget - It could be worse. I live by saying this with karma. Stay positive and your aura will be contagious and beneficial. =D