13 December 2013

Mexico City, Mexico!

Viva Mexico!

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It's my flashback friday with my sister when we visited the Mayan Pyramids in Teotihuacan and Mexico City for one whole day. Back in April 2012, we took the red-eye flight to Mexico City, so we arrived at 5 a.m. It  was the perfect time to start our day in Mexico.

Had to take an hour ride bus to Teotihuacan to see the pyramids. 

Thirty eight pesos. Not bad at all. But when we got dropped off at the bus stop... Yep, we were pretty lost but the rural areas were beautiful and it was still pretty cold so it was actually nice.

If we just knew where we were going, we could have gone on the hot air balloons at sunrise. OMG it was such a beautiful view. The pyramids and the hot air balloons!

The stairs looked easy, right? Wrong. It was a lot tiring than I thought. The steps were HUGE! What a workout.

Here, I gave up for a bit while this family kept going up.

Ok. Here I go.

Oh, hi. Still haven't gone that far.

Faces on the pyramids.. See them? The details were so much more clearer in person.

Ah, so we climbed the baby pyramids. Damn.

Ok. Time for the big boys. A lot of hiking, here we go.

But first, we have to go down...

And off we go to the next pyramid... And of course we did not realize how far these pyramids are from each other :))

Awrighty, almost there.

This dog kept going up and down the pyramids like it was nothing. Damn dog way more in shape than us.

Bought some Ray Banos.


Half way there! The view was amazing with the sunrise.

Yep. Still only half way.

And so, we take a break. Did I mention that the pyramids are HIGH?

OK. NOW WE WERE FINALLY AT THE TOP. It was super tiring but so worth the workout. Not a lot of people have been up here and it is beautiful.

Yep. I took a nap when I got to the top for an hour. But as the sun rose higher, the heat was catching on. We we're going to climb that next pyramid but uhm.. Yeah we were hungry. And we had to still climb down.. You guys can do it for me.

Finally at the bottom, bought some toys because we can.

Yes. Bow and arrows.

Yes. we climbed the pyramid. I can cross that off the bucket list.

Ok, pyramids. That was an exotic experience. Now time to eat and rest at the hotel. At this point we still have not stopped to drop off our things. We had everything all this time. We left here around noon. Just in time for lunch!!

But of course, before that, we had to visit the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe...

I prayed that we would eat soon.

OK. At this point I remember my crankiness boiling as the heat got more intense. O_O
Do you see it in our smiles?

Yes... Finally..

I don't even remember what we ordered. All I remember was how hungry and cranky we were.
But definitely after the meal, our happy stomachs got us walking to our hotel in Mexico City.

Yay! For our hotel rooms! Yay for rest!!
We stayed at the Hotel Isabel. It was perfect for our budget. Not fancy or luxurious. Just right.

Bob esponja. Ja ja ja ja.

Did I mention Mexico City is beautiful?

I love ice cream. Helados, por favor!!

Do you see what I saw?? CONO OREO. Oreo coned ice cream!! I traveled here back in April 2012. It is now December 2013.. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE CONO OREO HERE IN CALIFORNIA?? Ai dios mio.

Real tacos, senors y senoritas. And of course with the glass bottle Coca Colas.

Sorry couldn't get enough of those Cono Oreos. That was pretty much it for our trip in Mexico City. Not gonna lie. When the sun went down there were police in every intersection which scared us to think to go back to our hotel and rest. It was an amazing trip. Of course we bought our tequilas to bring back home.

But we lost one when we got back home. R. I. P. Tequila 1. Never again check-in liquor wrapped with all your clothing. It is not worth it. Buy a liquor box. It will break and smell very strong when it comes out of the baggage carousel and people will look at you like an alcoholic lol. Good times though!!!