22 October 2013

San Antonio, Texas

Hey ya'll! Had a blast at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Walked around a lot and noticed it seemed like a college town only the people looked a lot younger but definitely did not see children. The party scene was alive. A lot of celebrations happened that weekend as I explored. I came across the Alamo too. I had no idea it was in the downtown area where all sorts of halloween events were happening. I had a lot of fun for a weekend wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Navarro #sanmartinnavarrowedding

Also added some FATTY TIMES content.

Drury Palaza Hotel
The hotel is amazing! Where is the Great Gatsby?? Everything was gold in the lobby. When I looked up the history of this building, it used to be a bank. That explains the beautiful interior with the lavish details.

Walked outside at almost midnight when I saw this!

The Alamo
It was closed so I couldn't go inside to look for Pee Wee's bike :(

San Fernando Cathedral
Just two blocks away from the Drury Plaza Hotel was where the wedding was. San Antonio is a beautiful place. Everything was clean. People were friendly. Reminds me of Mexico City since the border is super close with all the Spanish culture and vibe.