22 October 2013

Tablets for artists

I've been looking around for a hybrid laptop/tablet. Got my eye on the Lenovo X230T thinkpad for the longest time but yesterday I just found out about the newly released Microsoft Surface 2. That tablet is one hell of a tablet I underestimated.

From lenovo.com
The Lenovo X230T has a starting price of $1,125.52. I just love how I can turn a laptop into a tablet mode so I can work on things anywhere, everywhere that has the ability to perform tasks especially heavy programs. Ever since I found out about it a few years ago, I haven't had a peace of mind of wanting this since I cannot be on-the-go with my current laptop which is an ASUS K series. Don't get me wrong. I love my current laptop how it is super quiet, never overheats, multi-tasks perfectly with all the programs in use simultaneously with Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and streaming videos online. BUT I am unsure why I cannot play my retro games such as Command and Conquer games from the 90's and it also weighs like a newborn baby - six pounds. I'm pretty sure it's something stupid and not really an ASUS fault but no one has solved that issue yet. Waaah.

But last night as I obsessed over the X230T, I saw the Microsoft commercial for the Surface 2 release today. Goodness Gracious. It looks beautiful. Haven't played with it in person yet but it looks so good. I feel like it is fit for me. I've always hated the generic stylus you can purchase for the ipad or Android tablets that have that big rubber black ball. Didn't have the precision I was looking for. But the Surface Pro 2 has the digitizer stylus which I look for in a tablet to use Photoshop to edit and illustrate. I think you just need the Wacom driver or something like that to get rid of any bugs for it but it looks so worth it. And also this tablet has a feature how you can split screen two tasks such as browsing the internet on the left side while still on another app or page on the right side. Another thing is that it's got Microsoft Office! It has a detachable keyboard and this gadget is so useful. It's a very proficient tablet to use on-the-go everyday especially when you are always online. I gotta say. I'm impressed. Going to check this out later today. I believe it starts at $899.99 for the Surface Pro 2. Oh boy, do I hope someone gives me this for my upcoming birthday. wink wink.

From techcrunch.com

From mashable.com