14 April 2014

Merhaba Turkish Airlines!

Flew from LAX to Istanbul for a couple of days with Turkish Airlines and I was just blown away. When we arrived at the LAX Airport, I was thinking the international terminal was going to be as old as the domestic terminals. Oh boy, was I wrong.

Animated images on these screens change frequently to LAX's artistic international destination. This one was for Paris.
Istanbul art
LAX International Terminal Food Court.
When we boarded our Boeing 777 Aircraft, oh man did they treat us like royalty in first class. The flight crew included two on board chefs. I wasn't able to take a photograph of them but I've never seen such amazing customer service like Turkish Airlines so far.
One of the menus for their LAX-IST Service

The littlest details on the flight even when I'm just drinking my tea. Beautiful.
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Cabin Cart for food and beverages.

Wasn't sure what I was eating but everything was delicious.

Candlelight dinner high above the clouds.
Dinner is served.

Their in-flight entertainment was amazing too. Free wi-fi and live television was available and of course I finally was able to catch up on some newer films. I told myself that I was going to sleep since I was super exhausted but nope. Their selection of movies totally got me hooked.

Here comes breakfast and we were nearing Istanbul, Turkey.

I really don't remember what omelette this was but all I remember how great it was.

My sister was also travelling with us on the same flight as she was in comfort class (Business Class).
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She watched Frozen of course. We can watch this movie on repeat again and again and never get tired from it.

Breakfast in Comfort Class

We have arrived! Buses took us to the terminal as we deplaned.

Turkish Airlines Lounge. O M G.

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